Cottonwood Springs

Provided by Dunn Edwards

Scheme 1:
High Noon DEC743 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Tavern Creek DEA166 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 2:
Slopes DEC721 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Autumn Bark DEA164 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 3:
Golden Gate DEC739 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Hope Chest DEA160 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 4:
Quicksand DEC754 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Summerville Brown DE6139 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 5:
Friar Tuck DEC714 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Roman Brick DEC713 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 6:
Baja White DEC722 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Cliff Brown DEC711 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 7:
Dover Plains DE6116 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Neutral Valley DE6119 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 8:
Tan Plan DE6137 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Brown Bear DE6140 – Wood Fascia

Scheme 9:
Cliff Brown DEC711 – Body, Garage Doors, Popouts
Cedar Chest DE6112 – Wood Fascia

Criteria are as follows:

1. Residential housing architect was consulted to evaluate re-colorizing and introducing the use of stone veneer in Cottonwood Springs.

2. The OCA BoD, ODRB and The City of Chandler Development Services have found the colors and stone selected to be compatible with the existing color scheme and single type (and color) of roof tile used throughout Cottonwood Springs.

3. To provide continuity throughout the community, Baja White DEC722 will be the only color permitted for all party and side yard return walls visible from neighboring properties. Only the house will be approved using a new (or existing) color scheme. The common area, rear yard (interior, lake and golf lots) and front yard return walls will all remain the existing color (Baja White).

4. House colors will be applied to the same locations that currently exist, one on the wood trim (fascia) adjacent to the roof tile, the other to the body of the home and garage doors. All popouts will be painted the body color of the home.

5. Only these six color and sixteen stone selections will be available to the residents. No other color or stone variations or application points for paint or stone will be approved. When considering the use of stone, please note that on some elevations popouts may need to be removed or modified prior to stone installation.

6. Per the CC&R’s all members of the OCA are required to submit for and receive approval by the ODRB prior to making any changes to the exterior of the home.

7. Spiral metal exterior staircases that provide access to the rear second level deck may be painted one of two colors: the body color of the home or the wood fascia (if available).

8. The second level metal patio railings (if present) may be painted one of two colors: the body color of the home or the wood fascia color.

9. Property line iron fencing at the lake edge and that adjacent to the golf course must be painted black.
10. To provide diversity in the street scene, no two identical house colors will be allowed next to each other. This includes the existing color combination.

11. The expectation is that all homes will be repainted within 5 to 8 years because of the typical rate of deterioration of paint due to heat and sunshine.

NOTE: As part of the exterior paint approval process, the Ocotillo Design Review Board, in its sole discretion, will determine the application point of the body and accent colors selected by the applicant based upon but not limited to, compatibility with the roof tile, neighborhood paint theme, pop-out configuration and location on the residence.