Provided by Sherwin Williams

Scheme 1: Santa Barbara / Spanish – A

Everyday White SW6077 – Body

Poised Taupe SW6039 – Garage Door, Fascia

Truly Taupe SW6038 – Wood Trim

Carnelian SW7580 – Shutters, Front Door


Scheme 2: Santa Barbara / Spanish – A

Panda White SW6147 - Body

Quiver Tan SW6151 – Garage, Fascia

Bittersweet Stem SW7536 – Wood Trim

Roycroft Bronze Green SW2846 – Shutters, Front Door


Scheme 3: Santa Barbara / Spanish – A

Reliable White SW6091 – Body

Mocha SW6067 – Garage Door, Fascia

Sand Trap Sw6066 – Wood Trim

Carriage Door SW7594 – Shutters, Front Door


Scheme 4: Monterey - B

 Fresco Cream SW7719 – Body

Van Dyke Brown SW7041 – Fascia, Wood

Virtual Taupe SW7039 – Garage Door, Window Trim

Grapy SW7629 – Front Door, Shutters


Scheme 5: Monterey – B

Artisan Tan SW7540 – Body

Softer Tan SW6141 Fascia, Wood

Moderate White SW6140 – Garage Door, Window Trim

Protégé Bronze SW6153 – Front Door, Shutters


Scheme 6: Monterey – B

Normadic Desert SW6107 – Body

Kaffee SW6104 – Fascia, Wood

Tea Chest SW6103 – Garage Door, Window Trim

Thunder Gray SW7645 – Front Door, Shutters


Scheme 7: Cottage – C

Tamarind SW7538 – Body

Cobble Brown SW6082 – Fascia, Wood

Irish Cream SW7537 – Window trim

Meadowlark SW7522 – Garage Door, Siding

Manor House SW7505 – Front Door, Shutters


Scheme 8: Cottage – C

Portico SW7548 – Body

Pier SW7545 – Fascia, Wood

Wool Skein SW6148 – Window Trim         

Quiver Tan SW6151 – Garage Door, Siding

Roycroft Bronze Green SW2846 – Front Door, Shutters


Scheme 9: Cottage – C

Utterly Beige SW6080 – Body

Sable SW6083 – Fascia, Wood

Realist Beige SW6078 – Window Trim

Down Home SW6081 – Garage Door, Siding

Chateau Brown SW7510 – Front Door, Shutters


Scheme 10: Adobe Ranch – D

Dapper Tan SW6144 – Body

Van Dyke Brown SW7041 – Front Door, Fascia, Wood

Superior Bronze SW6152 – Garage Door, Window Trim, Siding

Status Bronze SW7034 – Shutters


Scheme 11: Adobe Ranch – D

Carboard SW6124 – Body

Coconut Husk SW6111 – Front Door, Fascia, Wood

Steady Brown SW6110 – Garage Door, Window Trim, Siding

Kaffee SW6104 – Shutters


Scheme 12: Adobe Ranch – D

Pottery Urn SW7715 – Body

Turkish Coffee SW6076 – Front Door, Fascia, Wood

Brevity Brown SW6068 – Garage Door, Window Trim, Siding

Terra Brun SW6048 – Shutters


Scheme 13: Craftsman/Bungalow – E

Tavern Taupe SW7508 – Body

Modern Gray SW7632 – Fascia, Trim, Columns

Foothills SW7632 – Garage Door, Siding

Manor House SW7505 – Shutters


Scheme 14: Craftsman/Bungalow – E

 Mocha SW6067 – Body

Trusty Tan SW6087 – Fascia, Trim, Columns

Grounded SW6089 – Garage Door, Siding

 Chateau Brown SW7510 – Shutters


Scheme 15: Craftsman/Bungalow – E

Dormer Brown SW7521 – Body

Rookwood Dark Brown SW2808 – Fascia, Trim, Columns

Nuthatch SW6088 – Garage Door, Siding

Thunder Grey SW7645 – Shutters


Wall Color:

Body color of the home


Criteria is as follows:

  1. Residential housing architect was consulted to evaluate re-colorizing in the Watermark / Windward.
  2. The OCA BoD and the ODRB considered colors that are compatible with the existing color schemes and complement the roof tile. 
  3. To provide continuity throughout the community, Great Plains Gold BM1077 will be the only color permitted for all party and side yard return walls visible from neighboring properties.  The common area, rear yard (interior, lake and golf lots) and front yard return walls will all be Great Plains Gold.
  4. House colors will be applied to the same locations that currently exist; one choice of the accent color will be applied to the fascia and if the owner prefers the front entry door, and the body color to all other exterior surfaces (i.e. walls, columns, and popouts) and garage doors.
  5. Spiral metal exterior staircases that provide access to the second level deck and patio railings may be painted one of two colors:  the body color of the home or the accent color.
  6. Only the colors approved will be available to the residents.  No other colors or application points for paint will be approved.
  7. Per the CC&R’s, all members of The OCA are required to submit for and receive approval by the ODRB prior to making any changes to the exterior of the home.  Please reference “Painting” in The OCA Design Guidelines & Community Rules. 
  8. To provide diversity in the street scene, no two identical house colors will be allowed next to each other. This includes the existing color combination.
  9. The expectation is that all homes will be repainted within 5 to 8 years with the typical rate of paint deterioration due to heat and sunshine.


Disclaimer:  As part of the exterior paint approval process, the Ocotillo Design Review Board, in its sole discretion, will determine the application point of the body and accent colors selected by the applicant based upon but not limited to, compatibility with the roof tile, neighborhood paint theme, pop-out configuration and location on the residence.


NOTE:  Some of the colors listed above are crossed over from other paint companies and are not to be determined as exact matches.  These should not be used for touch-up purposes on current substrates.