Montefino Village

Provided by Dunn Edwards

Scheme 1
DEC767 Riverbed - Body & Garage Door (was SP2240 Riverbed)
DE6235 Northgate Green - Trim (Fascia) (was DE3165 Turfside)
DE6238 Spruce Woods - Pop-outs & Front Door (was DE3167 Meadow High)

Scheme 2
DEC743 High Noon - Body & Garage Door (was SP2550 High Noon)
DE6124 Whole Wheat - Trim (Fascia) (was SW1090 Craft Brown)
DE6201 Rattan Basket - Pop-outs & Front Door (was SW2204 Oakledge)

Scheme 3
DEC745 Chaparral - Body & Garage Door (was SP2800 Chaparral)
DE6217 Ancient Earth - Trim (Fascia) (was DE3181 Bronze Cargo)
DE6180 New Cork - Pop-outs & Front Door (was DE167 Moon Market)

Scheme 4
DEC717 Baked Potato - Body & Garage Door (was DE3053 Masterpiece)
DE6055 Wild West - Trim (Fascia) (was DE3056 Empire Rust)
DE6075 Wood Lake - Pop-outs & Front Door (was DE3040 Valley Floor)

Scheme 5
DEC721 Slopes - Body & Garage Door (was DE3193 Slopes)
DE6117 Colorado Trai l- Trim (Fascia) (was DE3194 Earth's Edge)
DE6217 Ancient Earth - Pop-outs & Front Door (was DE3181 Bronze Cargo)

NOTE: Colors have been updated to the nearest Perfect Palette color and may not be an exact match. These colors are not recommended for touch-ups; complete repaints only.