The Peninsula

Provided by Dunn Edwards

Scheme 1:
Verona Beach DE6135 – Body/Garage Door/Fascia/Pop-outs

Scheme 2:

Scheme 3:
Travertine DEC738 – Body/Garage Door/Fascia/Pop-outs

Scheme 4:

Scheme 5:
Tan Plan DE6137 – Body/Garage Door/Fascia/Pop-outs

Scheme 6:

Scheme 7:
Dover Plains DE6116 – Body/Garage Door/Fascia/Pop-outs

Scheme 8:
Sahara DEC747 – Body/Garage Door/Fascia/Pop-outs

Scheme 9:
Cliff Brown DEC711 – Body/Garage Door/Fascia/Pop-outs Wall Color:
Body Color of Home

Criteria is as follows:

1. The OCA, BoD and the ODRB considered colors that are compatible with the existing color schemes.

2. The body color of the home will be the only color permitted for all walls Visible from Neighboring Properties. These walls include, but are not limited to party, side yard return, common area, rear yard (interior, lake and golf lots) and front yard return walls. If alternate manufacturer’s equivalent color match is used, an 11”x 8” color sample of paint and specifications must be submitted for approval.

3. As part of the exterior paint approval process, the Ocotillo Design Review Board, in its sole discretion, will determine the application of scheme selected by the applicant based upon but not limited to, compatibility with the roof tile, neighborhood painting theme, pop out configuration and location on the residence.

4. Spiral metal exterior staircases that provide access to the rear second level deck must be painted the body color of the home.

5. The second level metal patio railings must be painted the body color of the home.

6. Property line iron fencing at the lake edge and that adjacent to the golf course must be painted black.

7. Only the colors approved will be available to the residents. No other paint colors will be approved.

8. Per the CC&R’s, all members of The OCA are required to submit for and receive approval by the ODRB prior to making any changes to the exterior of the home. The intent of this requirement is not to hinder people from the freedom of choice, but to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community. Please reference “Painting” in The OCA Design Guidelines & Community Rules.

9. To provide diversity in the street scene, no two identical house colors will be allowed next to each other.

NOTE: Some of the colors listed above are crossed over from other paint companies and are not to be determined as exact matches. These should not be used for touch up purposes on current substrates.